Your Coworking space in an App

There is an ROI in Community.

CoworkConnect increases community by 300% and saves over 40 hours a month on community manager operations without having to manage any tech!


Keep clients in your building and money in your pocket.

Connected clients are happier and easier to manage. Clients that feel a sense of community in their work space stay, on average, 3-5 months longer.



Take tedius and time-consuming work and simplify it by putting all of your manual processes in an app.

This save both managers and clients hours of time in communication.



Having a community app for your coworking space is the current trend and is needed to stay competitive with the leaders in the industry.

We take the financial burden away from needing to hire a dev and tech operational team. We provide high level support and technology at a fraction of a price.


Estimated Yearly Saving:

Your Coworking Technology is Robust!

Your branded app is both web and mobile which allows clients to choose their preferred way of communication.

Want to learn everything that your app will do? Check out all of the features below.

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